Data Visualization 21-22
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Please note: This course is currently referred to as “Marketing Stratégique” in your curriculum and schedule.

The ability to understand data and extract value from it presents a critical capability in today’s data-rich world: data visualization and storytelling present key capabilities to communicate data and promote change effectively. Consequently, through video, face-to-face, and Zoom sessions, you will learn the foundations and principles of data visualization and embrace the power of data-enabled storytelling as a result of a detailed process. The module is structured into several parts including video lessons and individual exercises that will set the visualization groundwork in preparation for the live sessions focused on data storytelling.

What you will learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Contrast data visualization with related concepts.
  • Embrace the power of data viz and data-enabled storytelling in call-to-actions for audiences. 
  • Recall, discuss, and categorize the major data representation and chart types. 
  • Choose effective data representation given the context and goals of the visualization project.
  • Master the narrative structure of data storytelling and plan and design a data story.
  • Apply conceptual foundations and principles through real-life examples and exercises. 
  • Identify and overcome common mistakes and misleading techniques.
  • Create trustworthy, accessible, elegant, and effective data visualizations.