Introduction to Marketing Analytics 21-22
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Some critical success factors for business leaders include framing the business issue or problem (frameworks), outlining the steps for solving problems (processes), collecting data and applying analytical tools to inform problems (data collection and analyses), and weighting and integrating information to make choices (decisions). Thus, this course’s overall objective is to take a decision-focused perspective on marketing strategy by linking marketing to data analytical approaches.

What you will learn

The objective of the course will be to discuss with you the benefits of using a systematic and analytical approach to marketing decision-making.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Embrace marketing strategy by strategically analyzing and solving marketing problems from a decision maker’s perspective;
  • Understand and effectively use the fundamental frameworks, processes, and analysis tools of marketing strategy;
  • Apply a “first principles” approach of marketing strategy to solve business problems;

In particular, an analytical approach will enable you to:

  • Embrace how the “first principles” of marketing strategy helps firms organize the analytics opportunity and challenge in today’s data era, and
  • Discuss analytic techniques, and case studies to understand how to solve marketing analytics problems in a scientific and process-driven manner.