Please upload the case study reports as PDFs as well as the PDF of your oral presentation in the following order:

  1. Report for Case Study 1: Positioning (Elle & Vire)
  2. Report for Case Study 2: Branding (Direct to consumer brands)
  3. Report for Case Study 3: Customer Management and Technology (Chat-enabled CRM)
  4. Report for Case Study 4: Topicality (U.S. Food Retail during Pandemic)
  5. Presentation Document (PDF of your PowerPoint File)

Please make sure that the names of all team members appear on the first page of the files and that the provided template was used for the four reports. Each team member needs to upload the files individually.

File names should adhere to the following format: Family name of team leader_CaseStudy#_StrategicMarketing.pdf. For the report of the first case study, this will look somewhat like this: Munzel_CaseStudy1_StrategicMarketing.pdf.

Please replace “CaseStudy#” by “Presentation” for the presentation file upload.